Is Google’s innovation and creativity saturated?

google-invite Google has launched Google+ a whitewashed copy of Facebook – an invitation-only social network.

The tactics worked in Gmail and it seems everybody was asking the same question, “Do you have any Google+ invites?”, at least in Twitter, among geek community.

But, I have some big questions. Where is the innovation?

  • Isn’t this “invitation-only” 2004ish?
  • Isn’t Google+ is too much Facebookish?
  • Now, even the clean old Google also seems somewhat Twitterish:



Google used to be good on innovation, but never good when playing copy-cat. How can one forget the products that didn’t work like – Buzz, Orkut, Picasa, Google video, Sketchup, Google Chat, Google Health, Google Catalog, Google Answers,  and so on.

Anyways, let’s wish Google+ a success and, wish Google to catch-up with the innovation and creativity. It’s not about technology but about the personal touch – social instinct and collaboration – a weakness in Google’s PhD crowd.

It seems, Google+ is only the one of 100 other social products Google is planning to launch soon. Let’s hope, some of them won’t be “inspired by” other existing services and will be truly their own!


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