iPod Touch Facetime rumors

ipod_touch_face-time As we get closer to September, rumors about Apple devices are likely to increase. There was a rumor of a touchscreen iPod Shuffle and a 7 inch iPad for the release in back to school season. Now, iPod Touch is told to feature Face Time video chat feature, debuted with the release of iPhone 4.

A photo released by MacRumors shows a LCD panel and bezel of iPod Touch, showing a space on the top that appears to be a slot fro a front-facing camera. The part looks more authentic as it is marked with “Apple (c) 2010” and the manufacture date April 29, 2010 indicates the recent manufacturing of the part.

Rumors are rumors and we have to wait till Apple releases them if they were true. In the mean time, Apple enjoys the free publicity it receives with such rumors.


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