‘iPhone nano’ rumor

iPhone_nano It is rumored that Apple is preparing a smaller and cheaper iPhone to compete with other smartphones. The smaller iPhone is rumored to be priced at about $200 without a contract. Bloomberg reported that the smaller iPhone to be one-third smaller than the iPhone 4, but using mostly same components found in the current iPhone.

Although it is not the first time such rumor started in rumor sites, it is the first time some big names like The Wall Street Journal have reported about the smaller iPhone in making.

The small iPhone is told to have edge-to-edge screen, voice navigation, and cloud storage. Lack of onboard memory would be something entirely new concept if implemented in smartphones.

And, what about pictures and movies taken by the iPhone, assuming it has a camera? No onboard memory means photos and video will have to be streamed UP to the cloud, and presumably in real-time.

With Google’s Chrome OS and iPhones without onboard memory, I think, time has come to get comfortable keeping our digital data out-of-hand, in the cloud.


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