iPhone bumpers for free, Apple admits to antenna issues

Apple CEO Steve Jobs told that Apple “screwed up” with the signal algorithm of iPhone 4. Jobs was unhappy on the issue being blown out of proportion. Jobs was talking in a press meet organized to talk about the Antenna problem in new iPhone.

Apple was dismissing the antenna problem by telling the consumers to hold the phone differently and later telling it as a software problem, until influential product review publication, Consumer Report, said it could not recommend iPhone in its current state.

Apologizing to those customers who are having problem, Jobs told, "We were stunned and embarrassed" by the conclusion of Consumer Reports’ article.

Anyone who buys an iPhone 4 through Sept. 30 will get a free ‘bumper’, a rubber-and-plastic band, fits snugly around the edges of iPhone 4. Customers who have already purchased a bumper will get a refund. The AT&T subscribers wanting to return the device can get a full refund and get out of their contracts without penalties.

The band is marked $29 in the Apple’s website – but, is not available for sale.


Even with the problem, iPhone 4 has become the company’s fastest selling product ever with more than 3 million sets sold since its release on June 24.


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