iPhone 4 Left Hand Antenna Problem

Apple’s latest mobile device went on sale today, with many people waiting in line outside Apple stores. The release widely expected to be a huge success for Apple is not going smooth, at least initially. The early adaptors of the smartphone have reported problem with the reception while holding the phone in their left hand.

The mobile phone signal drops in signal strength when the phone is held in left hand for a while. The casing of the latest iPhone is made of stainless steel, which also serves as its antenna. The signal strength drop is probably caused by the blockage of antenna while being hold in hand. Following two photos illustrate the drop in signal strength.

iphone-reception-bar_start iphone-reception-bar_after_sometime

The photo on left shows the signal strength at the start of holding and in less than a minute of holding the signal gradually drops to the stat in the right photo above.

Some users have reported that an iPhone case solves the problem. The problem apparently is evident only when the skin touches the antenna.

It sure is odd how could Apple have missed  or choose to overlook such a simple issue.

One of the YouTube users have tested the signal strength while holding and not-holding the phone.


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