iPhone 4 call for recall – Is it Apple or the antenna that is problematic?

taped-iphone Since the release of iPhone 4, the users have been complaining about the antenna issue. Apple so far, has avoided the serious issue first by telling users how to hold the new iPhone and then blaming a software glitch.

But, when consumer advocate group, Consumer Reports, made it official that Apple is to blame for the new iPhone, question is being raised on where the real problem lies.

Is it Apple or is it the iPhone 4 where the problem lies?

If the problem lies in the iPhone, why is Apple trying to avoid the obvious? Closing eyes doesn’t solve the problem. Apple was apparently deleting discussion about the Consumer Reports story in its message board.

It is true that the antenna problem is not a big one. One can solve the problem easily by taping the metal antenna to avoid direct contact. But, as Consumer Reports blog says:

We think it’s the company’s responsibility to provide the fix—at no extra cost to consumers.

Are the consumers telling, the statement “Steve Jobs utters, we listen,” can’t always be true?

In this context some are predicting ‘Toyota-style PR crisis for Apple’. Others are telling that the recall is ‘inevitable’.

Only time will tell how Steve Jobs chose to respond.


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