iPhone 4 – Apple to meet press, to talk antenna, on July 16

iphone-4 When the antenna issue of the new iPhone, iPhone 4, went beyond Apple’s expectation, Apple has planned a press conference on July 16. The press meet is planned to be held at the company headquarters in Cupertino, California.

Shortly after the release of iPhone 4 on June 24, users have complained about problem in reception when they touch or cover the lower-left corner of the device. The Consumer Reports, this week, didn’t buy Apple’s instruction on how to hold the new iPhone and told that it wouldn’t recommend the phone because of the problem.

Some analysts also have suggested Apple needs to address the problem in more responsible manner. Some even suggested that an iPhone recall is around the corner. Experts predict Apple to either issue free cases to the owners of the iPhone 4 or conduct a product recall. Product recall would probably be the costliest of the two.

What steps Apple has planned would only be known on July 16, 2010.


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