iPad and Kindle reading a bit slower than Paper and Ink

kindle_iphone If you think you can read on book readers like Kindle, iPad, Sony Reader or such dedicated devices, don’t expect for the growth in productivity, if you believe in recent reports.

Nielsen Norman Group, in a 24-hours study found that reading ink and paper books is nearly 10% faster than electronic-book-readers like Kindle and iPad.

They have found higher level of user satisfaction – iPad leading, Kindle follows and physical book is placed while scoring the satisfaction.

I, personally, don’t think the study means much because:

  • The result is based on less than 32 users. It is a very very small sample to start with.
  • The reading tablets are the new trends and would require some practice and adaptation before one can get the full speed on reading.
  • The difference in speed is very marginal. iPad measured 6.2% slower reading speed where as Kindle measured 10.7% slower speed. It doesn’t mention the margin of error and other factors. Difference in iPad and Kindle speed isn’t explained properly. So, one can’t conclude anything from these numbers.

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