iPad 3 and iPhone 5 to arrive in Oct ?

In a latest rumor, new versions of Apple’s iPad and iPhone might be released in October this year. DigiTimes, quoting component supplier sources says that the Taiwanese component supplier companies are preparing to supply the component parts for the iOS devices ready to start the production in September.

Pad 3 is expected to be "thinner and lighter" than the already thin recent release iPad 2. It is expected to feature double the current resolution but, slightly lower than the iPhone 4 Retina Display (250ppi to 326ppi).

iPad 2 was released on March this year and Release of a new version of iPad goes against Apple’s release cycle. But, based on the iPad 3 rumors even before the release of iPad 2, iPad 3 release before the end of the year is not an impossible thing. It is evident that iPad 2 was a great product, but, it lacked some key features like better resolution camera and screen resolution.


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