iPad 2 unveiled by Steve Jobs in his surprise appearance

Apple CDO Steve Jobs surprised everybody in the iPad 2 unveiling ceremony.

He told that the new iPad will carry the same price tag but will feature a dual core processor, two video camera, and a thinner and lighter form factor. (Video courtesy – AP)

While going through the specification page in Apple website, the iPad 2 won’t feature USB or Thunderbolt connector as rumored previously. The new iPad will ship on March 11 in two colors – black and white.

iMovie and Garabeband are two new apps for iPad that would let creative artists to edit their music and movie sin the tablet. The accelerometer in iPad can also measure the force by which a finger strikes the display – making it possible to determine a sound of note depending on how hard the virtual key is tapped.ipad-cover-1


The Smart Covers (shown above) bend and fold around so that the iPad can be tilted on it to watch stuffs.  The covers feature micro-fiber lining that cleans the screen when it is closed and opened.


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