iPad 2 rumors – higher resolution, SD Card slot, A5 processor

The rumors frequency related to iPad 2 has increased rapidly these days, indicating the product is nearing it’s release date. But, they still are rumors and nobody is sure if it is true or not.

Some of the widely speculated rumors related to iPad 2 are:

  • Dual camera (On the back and the front)
  • Bigger, better speakers
  • Removal of home button (mutitouch gestures to be used instead)
  • Higher resolution screen – from current 1024×768 to 2048×1536 (at a 260 DPI)
  • SD card slots
  • Next generation, A5 processor

Best Buy’s inventory database indicates that the new device is coming sooner than expected. The delay of iPad only newspaper ‘The Daily’ might been done to release the newspaper in the new hardware with better resolution.



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