iPad 2 online order shipment pushed by more than a month

ipad2-ship-delay According to Apple online store, Apple’s latest release, iPad 2, will take 4-5 weeks to ship.

The second version of the market leader tablet was unveiled by Steve Jobs in his surprise appearance on March 2 and released on March 14 in the US. Some of the people who wanted to get hold of the device early waited in lines and some even sold the line spot for as much as $900. Many had to return disappointed when the device was sold-out in most of the stores by the end of the day. Remaining devices were sold out on March 15. Although Apple won’t say the exact number, many estimate that it sold 500,000 to 600,000 devices on the release date.

Initially online orders were shipped within 4-5 days. With the latest delay in online order, it seems Apple won’t be able to keep itself with the demand for some time to come.

According to Wall Street Journal, Apple has decided to make use of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan to buy some time to meet the demands of rest of the world, while delaying it’s launch in Japan. Apple hasn’t told how long the delay will be.


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