iOS 4 Update Problems

The iOS 4 update was rolled out yesterday, and it seems like the update is causing a lot of troubles to the iPhone and iPod Touch owners.

Going through the Apple iPhone support forum reveal some of the problems people are facing while doing the update. Some want to go go back to the old OS because of battery drainage caused by the multitasking feature.

Some are having trouble with back-ups taking hours to complete – some not completing at all, others getting error messages after waiting. There are also reports of loss of data after the update.

If you plan to do your update, best bet would be to –

  • set aside a few free hours before attempting to update,
  • make sure you have backed up everything on your iPhone
  • or, wait for a few more days until Apple addresses the issues and releasees an update.

Some users have reported iOS 4 to slows down iPhone 3G instead of speeding it up. iPhone 3GS might be equally fast, if not faster.


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