iOS 4.2, latest iPad centric iPhone OS update, released

With the release of iOS 4.2, all the Apple mobile devices, namely iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch run the same operating system. Previously, iPad was running a different version of the OS. With this upgrade, iPad also features multitasking, Apps folder and unified mail inbox. These features were already available in iPhone and iPod touch since June.

ipad-britness- volume

Although, there is a lot to look forward to for the iPad, the iPhone and iPod touch will find that the upgrade has little to offer. Some of the most notable new features in the new iOS are:

  • AirPrint – Now, documents can be directly printed from an iPhone or iPad. But, it is limited to HP printers.
  • Airplay – stream iTunes content music, video, and photos directly to compatible devices.
  • Search page in Safari – Like it’s desktop version, now web-pages can be searched for words.
  • volume sliders
  • Contacts specific SMS/MMS tones
  • iPad specefic – Multitasking and app-switching, Apps folders, unified mail, Game center, Brightness slider

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