HTC and Apple settle out-of-court


HTC to pay Apple $6 to $8 patent licensing fee

Apple and rival smartphone maker have settled out-of-course and signed-in a 10-year agreement of licensing fee. All the lawsuits between Apple and HTC were withdrawn following the agreement. HTC will reportedly pay Apple a fee ranging from $6 to $8 per phone.

After the agreement, Apple will benefit from 30-35 million projected sales of HTC Android phones to be shipped in 2013. The patent licensing deal between the two smartphone makers extends to next 10 years, but further details of the agreement is kept secret.

HTC is told to be paying licensing fee of $5 per phone to Microsoft too. This licensing deal is expected to help Apple in bringing other smartphone makers like Samsung and Motorola in the negotiation table. It can also serve as the blueprint for Apple in the ongoing patent litigations.


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