How to pin a post to keep it always on top in a Facebook page?

In a Facebook Page, by default, the new posts are kept on top of the old ones. As a new post is posted, the previous post is pushed down. Sometimes, we might want to keep a post on top of all others. In such case, pinning the post to the top might be helpful.

The 3-step procedure to keep a post pinned on top in a Facebook page is as follows:

1. Write and post the post 

facebook pinning 1

2. After posting, move mouse cursor to the right hand  until you see a dim downward facing arrow as shown below. Click on the arrow.

facebook post pin right top arrow

3. On the menu, click on "Pin to Top".

facebook drop down menu

All done.

The page refreshes and the post is moved to the top with a little orange bookmark sign on the right top corner.

pin to top


If you want to unpin the post repeat all the three options – exactly the way explained above. The only difference is that the "Pin To Top" will change to "Unpin Trom top".


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