How to get more followers in Twitter ?

Everybody wants more people to follow them. A bigger follower number is a no brainer of a popular Twitter handle. Those who get a lot of followers are either celebrities or the ones who respond to other people.

twitter follow

A simple formula to get more follower is:

  • Retweet other’s tweets
  • Follow all who retweet your tweet
  • Follow back the followers

This simple formula is easy to follow and implement and has worked for me. By using this trick, I have gained about a 1,000 more followers in the last one month. And, I am only partially following the

It took me 5 years and thousands of tweets to get the other 3,000 followers. Follow me @AnandNepal.

followback trick

Please try and comment.

Following the followers

The above method is useful when you want to network with like minded people in Twitter. If you are only after the number, not interaction, there is another way to increase the count.

Find a person who has too many followings and a small number of followers. For example, in the following account there are 898 followings and only 272 followers. There is a high possibility that the person is following a lot of random people. Out of almost a thousand following, almost 300 have followed back. Go to “Followers” and start following them. There is a high chance that they follow you back.

too many following - some followers

Find more such followers and start following the followers.

This method works if you are not interested in quality followers but only the quantity of the followers. You can start by following my followers. In the mean time, I will try to collect the users that can be used to gain more followers (this list will only be available to the subscribers of the ComputerNewsReport newsletter).

update on June 10, 2015 (one months after I wrote this post):

twitter stat on june 10

That is almost 2,000 new followers in a month. I have also added 2,000 more people in my Following count. Please note: I had deleted all the tweets by using this tweet deleting method.

This is the proof that the method mentioned above works if you want more followers in Twitter. Please comment if you have any questions.

UPDATE on August 10, 2015
I am ending the experiment today. In the course of three months the followers in my account has increased from 4.5K to 11.8K, a more than 7,000 increase in the followers count in three month. This is an organic increase without any fake purchase or questionable trick. In the process, I had also observed an account believed to purchase fake followers. I observed a sudden drop of 20K followers in that account. More fake followers were added in chunks of 5K, indicating questionable transactions.

how to increase twitter follower experiment

About fake purchase and selling of followers, RT, Fav etc., Twitter clearly states such practice is against its policy. If involved in such practices, they are in risk of losing their account. Read Twitter’s Fake Engagement rule:

twitter fake engement rule

I hope this experiment has been helpful in your social media engagement. Play by the rules and enjoy the virtual world !


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