How to delete all or some of your tweets in Twitter ? (More than 3,200 Tweets at once)

UPDATE : There is an online tool to select and delete selected tweets – This tool is useful if you need only to delete some selected tweets. It lists tweets in groups of 50 Tweets with and option to select all or some of them and delete at once. Previous post continues …

You might have thousands of Tweets in Twitter and you might want to archive and delete all of you history. To test, I am going to delete all of my previous tweets. This is my account right now and I am going to delete all the tweets.

tweets before deleting

Last 3000 tweets can be deleted by an online tool – Tweetdelete. In my case, there are 8,727 tweets. It won’t allow to delete all of them. So, I choose another tool suggested by one of my friends in Twitter – an open source and easy desktop application, Twitter Archive Eraser. Of course, before deleting your twitter archive, the first step is to download your twitter archive.

To save the the archive, I requested Twitter to let me download all the tweets in its ‘Settings’ page (4 step process is as follows):

Download Twitter Archive

Step 1 – Go to ‘Settings’

twitter setting

Step 2 – Click on “Request your archive’ button towards the end of the ‘Settings’ page. A link to the archive will be emailed:

archive twitter

archive request twitter

I waited for a long time … hours and then I realized, it takes ‘days’ to prepare the archive.

twitter archive download twitter help

It is sad, I can’t delete the twitter archive now. But, I will update this post when I do that. Let me continue with the process of deleting the twitter archive.

Deleting Twitter posts

Although TweetDelete can delete “posts older than a specified age from your Twitter feed” and it can also “delete all your tweets all at once (up to 3,200 tweets),” I have to use another tool to delete tweets more than that. The open source desktop tool “Twitter Archive Eraser v5.0” can be downloaded here. I downloaded the portable version and unzipped and run the .exe file. The process of deleting:

Step 1 – After running the application, Click on the check mark beside “I accept to  ….”  and then click on the “Sign In” button. It will open Twitter in your web browser.

delete tweets step 1

Step 2 – Click on “Authorize App” in web browser:

delete tweets step 1 authorize

Step 3 – Twitter will show a pin number. It was 7-digit number for me. Copy the pin number (select and Ctrl+C).

pin from twitter

Step 4 – Go to Application again. Paste the code (Ctrl+V) and click ok.

delete tweets - step 4 enter pin

Step 5 – Click on “Delete Tweets” to delete all of your tweets. In the following image, “Delete Direct Messages” is not active because I hadn’t clicked in the option “I want to delete DM’s” in the Step 1.

delete tweets1

I haven’t performed the Step 5 yet as I haven’t been able to download the archive yet. I will update this post once I delete all of my tweets. Stay tuned till then.

Enjoy deleting you tweets and erasing the Twitter history!

UPDATE on May 28, 2015

The official Twitter archive link never arrived in my email. Then, I used Twitter downloadeder to download the last 3,200 tweets and used to delete the 3,200 tweets from the account. There were 5k+ tweets remaining in my account. I added some more and my current status is:
twitter current status

I requested the Twitter archive for the second time a few days back. I was wondering about something being wrong about my account, then I saw the email from Twitter:
twitter archive download email

In the archive, all the 3k+ Tweets I deleted a few days ago are missing. It is good to have a record of all the tweets I had done since the start.

Now I am ready to delete the tweets!

I clicked on the delete tweets button on the Step 5 above.

Step 6: Load/add the Twitter archive obtained from Twitter to see the details of the Tweets as shown below:

step 6

Select the month or Select All before clicking ‘Next’ button at the bottom. I selected all the months in 2009, 2010 and 2011. I left the first month, April 2009, unchecked to see what happens.

Step 6 – Confirm the checked message. Be warned, deleted Tweets can’t be recovered. You can also unselect Tweets you want to keep.

step 7 - twitter erase

I unchecked the ‘Good Michael Jackson …’ post and clicked on “Erase selected tweets” button. It warned again about not being able to retrieve erased Tweets. Half of my Tweets were deleted in 80 seconds.

Step 8 – All the selected tweets are deleted. It was smooth and worth the “Send tweet” button.

step 8 tweet deleted

I still have some Tweets in my account — 497 tweets of 2015 and some 2009 tweets.

I hope this experiment of mine will be useful to you. Please comment and please mention me if you decide to delete some tweets by this method. Happy Tweeting !!



8 thoughts on “How to delete all or some of your tweets in Twitter ? (More than 3,200 Tweets at once)

  1. This was beyond helpful. You saved me. I’ve deleted 123.000 tweets in 30 minutes. But something weird happened. There are still 7000 tweets left but it says there aren’t any tweets left. So, what should I do? I really want all the tweets gone.
    Thank you very much for this anyways, I thought it wasn’t possible.

      • But it really annoys me because people see I have 7000 tweets but they can’t see them.
        Twitter only shows the last 3200 tweets but if you search your username+any word, you find any tweet you want.
        In this case, I search my username and I don’t find anything. But it still leaves me a sour taste. I’ve thought those 7000 tweets could be RTs deleted by the original author but I’m not sure. I just wish I could start at 0.
        Thank you once again. Huge help!
        Ps. If you find out about the remaining tweets, let me know!

  2. I have a retweet of my ex that was posted in 2013, I’ve tried everything and cant find a way to delete it please help.

  3. I’ve gotten as far as Step 6, but for whatever reason it won’t let me load the archive. I tried unzipping first, didn’t work, then tried with it still zipped as another article suggested so i’m at a loss. I’d really appreciate some help because i’ve been searching for a way to clean up my profile of old tweets for a long time and I really don’t want to manually search through 20k tweets. Thanks.

    • The whole process outlined is EXACTLY what I did to delete the tweets.
      So, it should work (unless Twitter has done some modification).
      Can you go through the process again and see if you have missed something? Thanks.

  4. Just as a clarification on step six, for those who are stuck on it. Make sure to right click and run “open” on it. Simply left clicking on it or just “selecting” it will either give you an error or take you to the file contents itself. Hope this helps

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