How to delete location information from old tweets in Twitter ?

Twitter asks its users to share the location information in the tweets. For individual user’s privacy and other reasons they might not want to share the information to the whole world. For such users, Twitter allows to delete the location information from all the post posted in the past.

The procedure to delete all the location information (In computer browser):

1. Click on your picture near the upper right portion of the website (as shown below) and click on “Settings”.

twitter location delete 1

2. In the setting page, click on “Security and privacy” link on the left.

twitter location delete 2

3. Scroll down until you see “Tweet location”. Uncheck “Add a location to my Tweets” to stop posting location in your future posts. To delete all the location information from the previous posts click on the button “Delete all Location information”.

twitter location delete 3

Fake location in Twitter

Well, removing location is one thing and adding a fake location is another. If you want your follower to keep off-track of where you live, you can also fake your Twitter followers giving them an entirely false information about where you are at the time of tweeting. For that purpose, there is a webapp titled “Please Don’t Stalk Me”.

Why do people want to fake their location? Well, some might have called-sick and went to the beach to have fun with friends. That might not be ethical, but there are some people who do such things. A perfectly legitimate use might be tweeting from the home location when you are in a vacation.

The app only works when Twitter’s tweet location is turned on in Twitter. Click here to go to Please Don’t Stalk Me. (It is not an affiliate link.)

please dont stalk me


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