How to delete a Facebook message and unarchive archived message?

One of our readers had asked how one can delete a Facebook message.

Q. I had sent a hate message in Facebook to a girl last year. When I tried deleting it, I can only found "Archive" option and clicked on it. Now, I wonder if the message is deleted or not. Is "archive" same as "delete" in Facebook? (S.S.)

A. No, archiving a message doesn’t delete it. It is saved and you can always get it back. You can archive a message easily but it is not same as deleting and archived message is always there in your profile. Let me first talk about how to archiving and unarchive a message.

Archiving Facebook Message

In the message-list window you can see a ‘x’ at the end of each message. If you click on it, the message is removed from the message-list. But, it is not deleted, so you can get it back if you like. To ‘unarchive’ the archived message click on eyeglass icon beside "Search Message". As shown in figure below:


When you click on the icon, it expands to show you a menu as shown in figure below. Click on "Archived Message" to see all the messages you had archived before. You can read them or unarchive to bring back to the message-list.


Deleting Facebook message

To delete a message, open an individual message by clicking on one of the message shown (shown in first figure above). The click on "Actions" button beside "Search This Conversation" box as shown in the figure below. Click on "Delete Messages…"


If you have more than one messages in the list, Facebook asks if you want to "Delete All" or "Delete Selected". Choose the appropriate options and you have deleted the message.



As, deleting removes message permanently, Facebook asks to confirm the final deletion:


I hope this tutorial is helpful for S.S. and other visitors of this blog.

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8 thoughts on “How to delete a Facebook message and unarchive archived message?

  1. My question is… if i do delete the messages, can the other person still read them?? Or it gets deleted from their inbox too?

  2. I don’t want to see my all massages in my Facebook inbox I want to delete them all of them but I cant delete them in my computer can you help me please?

  3. am i able to access my archived messages if i’ve deleted the messages in that folder? i accidently deleted a very important message in that folder.

  4. I accidently archived two Facebook chats on my Blackberry Q10 cell phone. I would like to retrive them as they had some impportant data. I have tried all my intelligent steps but failed. Can you please tell how I can Unarchive these chats which I am sure are stored / archived somewhere on the Cell Phone

  5. FB SHOULD give us option to delete an ‘unread conversation’ whether by messenger or on pc! My problem now is, I am wary and nervous of a possible bad news, though not spam, I STILL DON’T WANT to see a notification pop up on the tabs! feel that I have to avoid this platform, until I am calm enough
    come on, FB is so big surely u can do better give us option to deleting and not having to look at unread

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