How to change Blogger icon?

blogger-icon The default Blogger icon, white ‘B’ on orange square doesn’t appeal much to the viewers. We can change it to the icon of our choice by following the following steps:

1. Icon image

Blogger is flexible in icon image – it can be can be ICO, JPG or PNG format. PNG or ICO are the format. Generally websites use 16×16 icons (favicons). Blogger is flexible in this regard too – the image can be bigger or smaller. I would suggest to stick with 16×16 pixels – for loading speed and display. You can create a big image and resize to small one later.

tfc 2. Upload the image

You can upload the image in image hosts like PhotoBucket or any hosting sites that offer "the direct link" to the image.

3. Add the image link to template

In the Blogger control panes click "edit html" in "layout" section. (Make backups before editing the file.) In the head section, between "title" tag and "b:skin" tag add the following code. Replace the text "the direct URL of icon image" with the direct link to your new icon image.

<link href=’the direct URL of icon image‘ rel=’shortcut icon’ type=’image/’/>

Save the template. Open the site to see your new icon. Sometimes, due to cache system in browser, it might take some time before the new icon appears.


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