How to access your BIOS setup

Some of the basic and highly critical settings can be changed in BIOS. BIOS is a small program which doesn’t depend on the operating system like Windows or Linux. Procedure to access the BIOS depends on the computer models (or, mother boards). Following list features the most common computer models for which procedure to access the BIOS setup is given.

The keys mentioned below should usually be pressed shortly after the computer is started and before the operating system loads.


  • Press DEL or F2 keys .
  • For Acer Altos 600 server, press the CTRL+ALT+ESC keys to access BIOS.


  • Press F10 key when you see a cursor in the upper right corner of your screen is blinking.
  • Previous versions of Compaq used F1, F2, F10 or DEL keys to access BIOS setup menu.


  • When the DELL logo appears press F2 key until “Entering Setup” is displayed on the screen.
  • Some previous versions of DELL used CTRL+ALT+ENTER to access the BIOS set up menu.
  • The DELL laptops requre Fn+ESC or Fn+F1 keys to access BIOS setup.


  • F1 key until the BIOS screen shows up.
  • Previous versions – F2 key.


  • F1 key
  • For HP Tablet PC – F10 or F12 keys.
  • You can also access the BIOS setup by pressing the F2 or ESC keys.


  • F1 key.
  • Previous IBM models – F2 key.


  • F2 key.


  • Press F1, F2 or DEL keys


  • F2 key
  • Previous Sharp models require a Setup Diagnostics Disk to enter the BIOS setup.


  • F1, F2 or F3 key.


  • F1 or ESC key.

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