Google remotely deleted apps from Android phones

Google has told that it has remotely removed two free apps from several hundred Android phones because the apps misrepresented their purpose and thus violated Android developer policies. This is the the first time Google has used the Remote Application Removal Feature that allows the company to delete apps that have been installed through Android Market.

The apps were were reportedly built by a security researcher, for security purposes, who voluntarily removed the apps from the Android Market later.

Because the apps were “practically useless” most users chose to uninstall them on their own, the spokesman said. The remaining “few hundred” copies that remained installed were then removed by Google remotely, Google spokesman said.

There was an outcry when Amazon did the same on its Kindle devices, deleting purchased books of unsuspecting owners.

There has been a lot of talks about how Apple allegedly decides what you can and cannot have on your phone. But, even Apple hasn’t  done something on that level – removing already installed apps from users’ phones directly.

A question on the back of my head worries me a lot these days – Are we being controlled on every aspects of lives with the technological advancement?


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