Google Plus – Killing itself with ‘real name’ policy

A writer with an unusual name, Violet Blue (yes, it is the real, legal name) almost got booted from her Google account all because Google thought the name was not ‘real’. Blue has written a long story explaining how "Google Plus has the user experience problems of a startup and its risks come with the penalties of service loss from a vital public utility."

Blue says, if you loose your Google account you might even loose all other Google services like Gmail, Google Groups, Google Docs, YouTube account, Blogspot (I am not sure, but they all are tied to a single Google Account) and so on.

Google is not just a company. It maintains infrastructure for what have become vital services. And this is something you’ll only start to see if Google suspends you from Google Plus.

google-plus-logo She even calls it a wake-up call to move away from all the Google services.

Well, in Blue’s case Google realized it’s mistake and ‘did another mistake’ – that she felt insulted of for "allowing me to continue using my common name, which is my real name, thank you very much."

This was a total failure in user experience. It’s nearly impossible to think that a company with Google’s time and resources could not have come up with a better way.

I won’t be moving away from Google (because, there aren’t replacements of some of it’s services) but, it seems, user experience and social networking is not it’s cup of cake.


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