Google Documents adds mobile editing for Android and iPhone

Google Documents had its mobile version for the last three years but, it was not truly mobile. The mobile version used to be read-only.

In a latest announcement from Google, it is rolling out the updated version of Google Docs with edit support. The update will be rolled out in the next few days for English-language users around the world. The updated Docs is compatible with Android-based handsets running Froyo version 2.2 and iPhone, iPad or iPod touch running Apple iOS V3 or higher.

Although writing or massive editing in a phone might not be that convenient, minor correction or reviews are best done on the go. Microsoft in is latest release, has also included its Office package in Windows Phone 7. Apple is also selling its iPad versions of text editor, spreadsheet, and presentation software.

I couldn’t test the feature as my Google Docs doesn’t have the edit feature yet. It might take a few days until I can access it. For the people keen to know how it might look (like me), Google has prepared a video:


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