Google bookstore, Nexus S, and Google DRM protection

Google desperately wants to tell the world that search is not the only thing it is best at and there are various avenues it wants to jump into. Let Facebook have higher share of visitors, all Google wants is money.

Google has released its own eBookstore. The bookstore is currently US only:

Google eBooks are only available for sale to customers in the U.S. at this time … For U.S. users traveling abroad: Before you head to the airport, be sure to load and sync the ebooks you wish to have with you for continued reading without interruption.

Users from the rest of the world can still download and read the free and public domain Google eBooks.


The new Google ebookstore will compete with other online retailers like, Apple bookstore, and Barnes & Noble, among others.

DRM protection

For those hoping for “DRM Free” books from Google will be disappointed. Google seems to plan ahead for being “closed” with a recent purchase of Widevine, a content delivery optimization and security company. The Widevine video DRM technology might be useful for YouTube and GoogleTV. For books, Google is using Adobe’s DRM – Content Server 4 in the books sold in Google ebookstore.

New Nexus S smartphone

Google learnt a lesson from Nexus One, launched earlier this year, that Google Web store is not a store good enough to sell smartphone. Now, WSJ reports that Google is releasing another smartphone, Nexus S, developed with Samsung Electronics, to be released with a new version of the Android operating system. But this time, the phone will be sold in third-party retailers like Bestbuy starting mid-December.

That is not all, Google had also announced Chrome OS Netbook on Friday.


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