Google announces WiFi Samsung Chromebook, a 3G model around the corner?

Google announced a thinner and lighter Chromebook, manufactured by Samsung, retailing at $249.  The laptop with 11.6-inch screen, weighs 2.5 pounds and is a mere 0.8 inches thick. The manufacturer has rated it to run 6.5 hours on battery under typical usage.

Google has targeted the device to serve as a "second device" in people’s home to complement a desktop computer or another laptop. The Google developed cloud-centric Chrome OS can’t run without internet and it’s only strength is in integration with Google services like Gmail, Google Docs, YouTube, and Google Hangouts. Using it for any other purposes is not possible as it starts with the Google log-in and only has 16 gigabytes of flash memory for storage. Google however offers 100 gigabytes of free Google Drive storage for the next two years.


Google’s OS dilemma, who needs a second device? 

With the popularity of smartphones and tablet computers, one can easily guess that every household that need a second device has already have one.

Experts believe that Google creating a confusion with Chrome OS and Android OS. If I were Google, I would have created a Android tablet with a bluetooth keyboard / or an Android laptop with web integration instead of a totally new and untested operating system to market and sell. That sure would have served as a "primary device" in a household instead developing a Chromebook, targeted as a "second device".

3G version soon ?

In an post Techcrunch has said that the 3G Samsung Chromebook will be announced soon and it will cost $329.

Alternative use

Samsung Chromebook seems like a decent device for the price it sells. One can be tempted to buy one for kids or elderly people who have limited use of the computer. Geeks might even be able to install other operating systems like Linux or Android after flashing the BIOS.


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