Goodbye Zune – Microsoft to focus on Windows Phone

zune-music-playersAfter almost five years or unsuccessful attempts to capture Apple iPod market share, Microsoft has finally given up its music player, Zune. Introduced in 2006, Zune never appealed the consumers and it saw humiliatingly low sales. 

Although Zune was a total failure, Microsoft has learnt from Zune mistake and it will only kill the name ‘Zune’ and keep it’s features in Windows Phones.

In an interview in November of 2006, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, when asked about iPod music players, told, "We can beat them, but it’s not going to be easy."

A new hardware, the Zune HD, released in 2009, and that was the time when Microsoft decided to devote the Zune software team in the Windows mobile-phone operating system.

Many think successful launch of Kinect was possible because of the lesson Microsoft got from Zune mistakes.

I think, the success of Windows Phone will be the real test, if Microsoft has really learnt the lesson or not.


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