Free screen recording software CamStudio

If you want to tell others how to do something in computer, the best way is to record what you do it yourself. For that, you can record a video of the computer screen by a camcorder. But, that is a very inefficient and costly procedure. There is much simpler method — just record what you see in the screen without having any additional devices like camcorder.

There are many software to scree-record – and the best ones are free. The one I like most is CamStudio:

CamStudio can record all screen and audio activities in your computer and create AVI video files. It also has a built-in SWF Producer to convert AVIs into Streaming Flash videos (SWFs) too.

Download from SourceForge.

Double click the file to install CamStudio

After installing you can open the program to see the screen like:

The first red circle starts recording. Before you press the record button you have to customize the software so that you know what area of the screen you want to record and where you would like to save the output AVI file.

To select the screen region click “Region” on menu and select “Fixed Region”. Click on “select” button to select the screen area. The cursor changes until you select a rectangular are a in screen.

Now, you are ready to press the red circle, the record button.

See the preview of the the video I created by CamStudio while I was writing this post:


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