Free Facebook Photo Album Downloader

facepad If you have some friends whose Facebook albums you want to download or you want to download your own photos at a click of the mouse; this might be one more reason for you to go for Firefox.

FacePAD, also known as the Facebook Photo Album Downloader allows you to download your friends’ Facebook albums on a click of the mouse.


1. Firefox browser on any OS platforms (Windows, Mac OS, Linux)

2. A Facebook account with at least a friend with photo album 🙂 … Actually, there is no no. 2 requirement.

All you need to do is download FacePAD Addon and install on the Firefox browser. Restart the browser and you are good to go photo hunting.

Navigate to your friend’s album and right-click on the album you are interested on. You will get a menu with “Download Album with FacePAD” on it. Click on it and everything is done automatically. The screenshot below is self-explanatory.


The photos will be saved on the default Firefox download folder.


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