Free Excel add-in The Duplicate Master

Update: Duplicate master V2.16  (Download link). (04/08/10)

David Brett (a.k.a. brettjd) wrote an excellent utility for removing duplicates within Excel. But as his original web site is gone offline, people are deprived from using the great utility.

The add-in works in MS Excel 2003 and 2007. It was originally distributed through the site – which is offline these days.

You can however download the the duplicate master xls file and use it for free.

Edit: Thanks to ElmasnoJ the duplicate master has got a companion – the help file. You can now download the help file for using the excel add-in.

Edit (Feb 2, 2010): Dave has released the new version of the add-in, Duplicate Master Version 2.13, Please go to the comment for the download link.


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19 thoughts on “Free Excel add-in The Duplicate Master

  1. Ceci,
    Appreciate your comment. I don’t know contact details of David Brett, who made the software. As I can’t forward the donation to the original author it is not fair to ask for donation.

  2. Thanks for hosting this, the site currently with my old website is having bandwidth issues

    I hope it helps 🙂



  3. thx for the offer. 🙂

    At this stage I think will dispense with the website and simply offer a download link. If not then I will come back to you on this

    The good news is the beta version of Duplicate Master V2.0 is available at for testing and comment.

    I have beefed up the string comparison options considerably, to the extent where Regular Expression functionality is available for serious string matching


    Dave (brettdj)

  4. Hi,

    Duplicate Master Version 2.13, is available as an Experts Exchange Article at the link below. The article includes a tutorial on using the new string handling functionality.

    Please note that this link is freely available and does not require you to register at Experts Exchange.


  5. Hi,

    Quick question. Is there a maximum number of rows/colums duplicate master can work with?

    I work with automotive data, and would have around 60,000 rows and 6-7 columns of data. It appears this app would be very helpful, but want to be sure it can handle that much data.

    Thank you,


  6. Hi Brett,

    It will work fine

    I have used variant arrays to optimise the speed, so the runtime should be ok for this data quantity

    Give it a test – as its free you can’t go wrong 🙂


  7. Really want to get the new version of this but the experts exchange link is apparently no longer valid. Does anyone have access to the latest version?

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