Free 3D Animation software, Miku Miku Dance

A Japanese animation software Miku Miku Dance is a complety free software. In addition to Japanese language it also has an english mode. It is very easy to create music videos and other dramatic and funny stories.

The characters in the software are anime characters with this cel-shaded look in them.

The best part is – It is a completely free software.

Download here:

An example video:

Goods : Miku Miku Dance Pros

  • Modules can be added easily. And, there is a very large community deciated to sharing custom sets, clothing, and even different character models.
  • You can  easily make your own custom content with the right tools.

Bads: Miku Miku Dance Cons

  • The Program isn’t very easy nor intuitive to use. First look of the program is repulsive. (After all, it is a free software)
  • Long learning curve – I guess, at least a whole month of learning before you can properly use and master this program.
  • It’s also more easier to download others’ custom animations to use than it is to create and use your own custom animation.
  • The English verison of the progam isn’t competely in English, so there’s still a few Japanese remnants, espeically in the naming of your 3d character’s body parts.
  • The program doesn’t come with a whole list of click-able animations to use.

miko miko dance free animation software


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