Firefox 4 – million downloads in first 3 hours

Mozilla released Firefox 4 on Tuesday (March 22, 2011) with a redesigned user interface, improved performance and other impressive additions.

Some of the notable features of the new version of Firefox are:

  • multi-platform Web browser
  • improves HTML5 and CSS3 support,
  • support for Google’s WebM video format
  • new tab management system that includes tab groups
  • screen real estate saving by placing the reload button in the URL field
  • ability to lock tabs for sites visited regularly
  • adds in-application bookmark
  • password and history syncing

When the new browser download reached one million downloads, in 3 hours of it’s release, Mozilla developers and employees rang cowbells, and cheered. At the time of writing, the total download was almost 2 millons.


A live download counter shows how many downloads are being done all over the world.

I have heard of Internet Explorer 9 being impressive. But, I am skeptical of it taking the lead it enjoyed for long time – thanks to its compatibility issues. As it works only in Vista and Windows 7, there are many people, like me, who now have reasons not to want IE9 anymore. Firefox can be downloaded in its official site here.


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