Facebook or Twitter, which one is better?

One of our readers asked which of the most popular social networking tools – Facebook or Twitter is better.

facebook vs twitter


Social networking is more about people than the platform. It is like the coffee shop you like to visit everyday and meet you buddies and chat about the things. In the beginning, you might want to choose the shop that serves the best coffee, but later it is more about your friends until the coffee really sucks. In case the coffee really sucks, you and your friends team up to find another coffee shop.

There are various Social Networking websites and Twitter and Facebook are the most popular ones. If you have a circle of friends who prefers to use another networking sites like linkdn, you are better off using that tool. If you need to choose between Twitter and Facebook – I would suggest you to use both of them for a while and decide which one you would like to use in longer term.


1. Personal profile
Facebook – A personal account to stay in touch with friends and family and share your photos, information and other details. You are allowed only one account per person.
Twitter – An account can either be personal or business. You can have multiple accounts for personal other topics like businesses. But, personal accounts are the ones that are more effective in Twitter.

2. Interest or business page
Facebook – A dedicated pages for a business or a brand or an interest can also be created in Facebook to focus on the topic and share stuffs.

3. Chatting
Facebook also has an instant messaging where one can chat with friends within Facebook. Voice chat and video chats are also available.
Twitter in itself is a chatting platform with the restriction of posting 160 characters the most in a post. Voice and video chat are not available in Twitter.

4. Information sharing
Facebook – You can share anything – photo, video, text of any size, and any types of files in Facebook Groups.
Twitter – Twitter limits you to have your say within 140 characters. It allows photo upload and, that is all.

Although Facebook allows to share everything, a lot of people like Twitter because of the restrictions and time saving in reading less text and information. Here are some benefits of Facebook:

Facebook has almost everything in it – photos, videos, status updates, full articles (notes), discussion groups, pages on various topics and so on. If you want to create a page for your company or business or you favorite interest, you can create a page on it and have people like it and discuss on the topic.

Things only Facebook can do and Twitter can’t:

Games/apps – Gaming is one of the most popular part of Facebook. Some 20 million people play games on Facebook and it also has lot of different apps Facebook.

Easy Visual interface in Facebook makes it easy to scan the content in Facebook.

Facebook has a very good photos organizer when compared to Twitter. In a short time, Facebook has become the most popular photo host in internet.

Almost everybody is on Facebook – with 1317 million people on Facebook, Twitter has as smaller number at 271 million (Forbes article Nov 2014)

Facebook’s threaded type discussion is easy to follow.


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