Excel Format Painter – multiple instances

Q. Can "Format Painter" MS Excel be used to apply formats to different places without having to click on the Format Painter icon multiple times?

A. Yes it can done by double clicking on the Format Painter icon.

Answer in details:

Format Painter in MS Office is a tool to copy format of selected area and apply it in the new area. For example, in the following screen shot, three different cells have different text styles and background colors. If I want to copy the same format in other three cells, all I can do is:

  • select the source cells
  • click on Format Painter icon on excel tool bar (ribbon)
  • click on first cell of the destination (or drag to select all three of destination cells).

format-painter-ex –> format-painter-ex-apply

You can see how the font, background change while the content remain the same.

As asked in question, if we need to copy the formatting multiple times, double clicking the "Format Painter" icon will lock it down. Then every click will copy the format.

To release format painter click it again or press Esc key.



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  1. Hi
    I wonder if you can help me. I’m doing a report with 27,000 rows of data. It takes absolutely forever to format paint all the rows. Is there a shortcut I can use to copy the formatting to so many cells at once? Thank you 🙂

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