Everybody is Tablet crazy; now it is BestBuy’s turn

bestbuy-tablet BestBuy, the largest retailer of electronic goods in the US is planning to to release its own tablet, to compete with Apple iPad. The chief technology officer of BestBuy, Robert Stephens, recently posted photos of a prototype tablet in his twitter post.

It is to be noted that, Best Buy is the only major U.S. retailer, besides Apple Stores, authorized to sell iPads in the US.

Does that mean, Apple’s trusted vendor is going to be it’s competitor ?

Stephens posted following comment on his Twitter feed:

I’ve been tweeting photos of tablet for months. So much for the realtime web. No one should be surprised. Who do you think makes Insignia?

NYT has noted that the tablet resembles the much-hyped HP Slate. The Slate has been extensively delayed and is told to be targeted to business users only.

Other hardware makers Asus, Acer, Lenovo, LG, and Toshiba are supposed to come out with their version tablets but, none have announced a definite release dates and prices.


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