End of Intel processers in Mac computers ?

Apple_A5_Chip Rumors are circulating about Apple dropping Intel chips (Apple replaced PowerPC chips for Intel chips in 2006) to use it’s own ARM based chips in Mac lines of computers. Intel started manufacturing its own microprocessor after it acquire PA Semi in 2008. Apple’s most popular products, iPhone and iPad, are powered by it’s latest A5 processer.

Intel in the other hand is starting it’s $300 million Ultrabook program to build ultra-thin notebooks similar to Apple’s Macbook Air. The head of Ultrabook program Greg Welch while talking to CNet told that he has also heard of Apple looking to use it’s own chips in its computers.

Although switching to ARM based computer comes with risk, as no computer have been made with ARM based chips yet. Apple’s chips are known for being powerful and power-efficient processors based on PA6T processor core. This was the first Power Architecture core to be designed from scratch outside the AIM Alliance.

Even before Apple decided to go with Intel chips from PowerPC processor in 2006, there were rumors of Apple to be using the PA Semi’s processor. P.A. Semi had a PowerPC architectural license with IBM Corp. that allowed it to design its own PowerPC chip from scratch. That means, if Apple decide to go with Apple processor it is more like the reversal of the 5 year-old Apple–Intel transition.

A latest rumor about Apple working in “Clearly Different” Mac also point to the new processor in it’s computers.


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