Dreamhost VPS and WordPress Cache

WordPress sites can handle large volume of traffic when WP-Cache or WP-SuperCache plug-in is used. The second plug-in, SuperCache, is actually the WP-Cache+ some improvements to help sites deal with caching. When these plug-ins are used, cache pages are usually served to the visitors instead of extracting contents from database for every single visitor.

Well, that was not the case when I last used WP-SuperCache in the Dreamhost VPS. I don’t know much inside details but Dreamhosters need to find an alternative when WordPress Cache is concerned. Mine didn’t crash but there are reports of such things happening like this one.

For my sites I found Hyper Cache does some justification in reducing the server load. There should be others but I haven’t tried them. Please comment your experience if you have experienced such problems.


3 thoughts on “Dreamhost VPS and WordPress Cache

  1. Here is the reason:
    “The cache folder cannot be put on an NFS or Samba or NAS share. It has to be on a local disk. File locking and deleting expired files will not work properly unless the cache folder is on the local machine.”

    But, Dreamhost uses NFS (see http://wiki.dreamhost.com/index.php/NFS)
    “DreamHost uses NFS to host its accounts. NFS is short for Network FileSystem and basically it means data is not stored on web server machines like a normal computer, but rather …..”

  2. Oh…So this is the reason why WP-SuperCache doesn’t work with VPS. I am glad there are alternative available.

    BTW, how much page speed improvement do you get by using Hyper Cache plugin?

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