Dell Streak 7 pulled – Dell’s Android push over?

Dell has apparently pulled the plug of it’s Android push by removing Streak 7 from it’s online store. In it’s website, Dell says, "Streak 7 is no longer available online," indicating it’s availability in some stores. That means Dell’s Android venture is over and it has started focusing more on Windows Phone smartphone models and Windows based tablets. Currently the tablets run on Windows 7, not a tablet-optimized operating system.

With the availability of Microsoft’s Windows 8, optimized for ARM based processor, next year, tablet manufacturers are betting it to be a true iPad competitor.

In May 2010 Dell introduced Mini 5 (later called Streak 5) with a 5 inch display and 3G calling. The phone/mini-tablet however was later canceled in August.

With the failure of HP’s TouchPad running WebOS and RIM’s PlayBook running on it’s own QNX OS, and now Dell’s Streak, running on Android failed miserably to capture user’s attention.



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