Deleting files in Mac

There is no ‘del’ key and the ‘backspace’ key is named ‘delete’. The ‘delete’ key functions as the PCs backspace and I am fine with that… what is in a name?

Real problem is the ‘del’ key. I still remember the time when I had to struggle in differentiating between the ‘backspace’ and ‘del’ keys. Now, I am longing for one.

It is not that hard to delete files in Mac:

– Drag to the trash can and empty.
– Hold the Control Key while clicking on the file for the sub-menu to delete (move to trash).

Mac OS is based on Linux so I hope the shell command might help.
[rm – remove a file use -r to recursively remove a directory]

But, I miss the luxury of ‘Ctrl+Del’.

As for the regular ‘forward delete’ key can be assigned to one of the regular keys in the keyboard by a free software, doublecommand. It however didn’t work for deleting files.


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