Custom domain in Blogspot blog (blogger blog)

Blogspot / Blogger is a free blogging platform offered by Google. Blogspot is one of the very few free website hosting services that offer custom domains.

For those who don’t want to spend $10 per year, Blogspot offers blogging platform with {a unique name} blogs. For those who are willing to pay $10/year for the domain but are yet to commit a monthly charge for web hosting, can add their custom domain and host the blog in blogspot.

Procedure – Adding custom domain in Blogspot blog:

I assume that you already have registered for blogspot account (it is a Google account) and have a blog ready. In the "Settings" tab, click "Publishing". The screen thus obtained is as shown below:


If you don’t have a domain, you can register one with Google by typing in the search box and clicking "CHECK AVAILABILITY" button. You will need to pay the cost of the domain through Google Checkout.

If you already have a domain and want to point the existing BlogSpot blog to an existing domain, click on a link at the right top of the page ("Switch to advanced settings").

In the new screen, custom domain can be entered.

In this "Your Domain" box, BlogSpot only accepts sub-domains. If "" is your domain, you can type "" or any other subdomains like "". These subdomains should be set-up with the domain registrar’s control panel and the CNAME setting should point to "" [This is a different topic. Please refer this help topic for the details on DNS settings.]




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