Chrome Web Apps Store – Google to be your ‘hard drive’

chromium-apps-store Google is trying to redefine how we use computers. They told that the desktop is soon going to be obsolete (link removed) and, now it is becoming clear how they are going to change the computing platform.

Later this year, Google is planning to open a Web application store for easier set up programs based on the Chrome browser. It is an important step towards the release of Chrome OS, Google announced last year.

The online store was previewed during a Google conference for software programmers. The Chrome OS is being developed for light-weight laptops (netbooks) that don’t have any hard drives. Every programs run on it will be remotely hosted and run. Chrome OS powered computers will be cheap and are expected to arrive in store in time for the holiday shopping season.

The Google’s Web apps store is also expected to provide applications for tablet computers to compete with Apple’s iPad. Like the Apple store, the Google store will also feature paid as well as free apps to download for the computers using Chrome OS


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