Changing and resetting Twitter password

If you KNOW the current password

Changing Twitter password

  1. Sign in to your Twitter account.
  2. Click Settings. Click on second last icon, a head, on the Twitter’s black bar to open the menu containing ‘Settings’.
  3. Click the Password tab, on the left.
  4. In the Current Password text box, type your existing Twitter password.
  5. Type a new password in New Password and Verify New Password text boxes.
  6. Click Change. Your account is updated with the new password.


If you DON’T KNOW the current password

If you have forgotten your password, Twitter can reset your password. To prepare yourself for the such a situation, and to enhance security, you can associate your mobile phone to your account.

Resetting Twitter Password:

  1. Click on this reset Twitter password link. It will take you to "Forgot your password?" page.
  2. Type your Twitter username or the e-mail address associated with your Twitter account.
  3. Click "Send instructions". Twitter sends an e-mail message with a subject line: "Reset your Twitter password" with a link to a password reset page.
  4. Click the link in email to go to the password reset page.
  5. Type your new password in the "New Password" and "Verify New Password" text boxes.
  6. Click "Change".

If you still have problem changing or resetting password please post your question in comment.

A few FAQ:

Q. I also forgot the password of the associated email account.

A. I am afraid, you are out of luck if you can’t access your email and if you haven’t registered your mobile phone. You would need to register a new Twitter account.


2 thoughts on “Changing and resetting Twitter password

  1. Hi . I can’t open my twitter at my laptop . But i can open on my tab cause it is already logged in .. i know my previous password but i can’t log in using it at my laptop and i don ‘t know why .. I want to reset my password but my email is already inactive and i didn’t set up for the phone number .. Just wanna ask , how to change password using android twitter .? that is my last hope to save my twitter account (( i guess )) ..
    Hope you can help me .. ^^
    Thank you .. đŸ™‚

    • That happened to me once… I asked Twitter but they were of no help. So, what I did was set up a new account. I used the Android twitter to tell everybody about my new account.

      Not a good solution, but I couldn’t think of anything better.

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