Are you spamming Twitter? spam and aggressive behavior rules


Twitter doesn’t allow its users to spam anyone. ‘Spamming’ has a wider meaning when twitter is concerned. They can also add new rules to deal with new tricks and tactics used by spammers. We will discuss the current spam rules of Twitter: Following and Unfollowing You might be spamming if you have followed and/or unfollowed…

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Facebook Scrapbook, a new dad at Facebook builds a scrapbook for your kids


A new feature in Facebook, introduced on Tuesday, called Scrapbook, can be used to tag and create scrapbook of your kids. It allows Facebook user to pull together the photo of children using a special tag to create and share with others. The optional feature allows only the user to tag and create the scrapbook….

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Facebook or Twitter, which one is better?

One of our readers asked which of the most popular social networking tools – Facebook or Twitter is better. Answer: Social networking is more about people than the platform. It is like the coffee shop you like to visit everyday and meet you buddies and chat about the things. In the beginning, you might want…

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Facebook Down!, Tells you to ‘Go Back’ to work.

UPDATE: The downtime lasted for half-an-hour. This was the worst downtime in Facebook history for the last 5 years. The Facebook users haven’t been able to log in the social networking site for some time. It appears to be down for the users all over the world. The Facebook website displays a message: "Sorry, something…

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Facebook press event to held on April 4, is it FB smartphone ?

Facebook has invited reporters in a press event on April 4 to be held in its Menlo Park, California office. With a message "Come See Our New Home on Android" in its invitation card, speculation of Facebook developing it’s own smartphone based on Android operating system.

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SMS celebrates 20th birthday

On December 3, 1992 an UK engineer, Neil Papworth, sent the first short message service (SMS) with the message "Merry Christmas." Now it has been 20 years of text messaging. Although it was Papworth who sent the first message, text messaging was an idea proposed by a Nokia engineer Matti Makkonen in1984. The first message…

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