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  • Will your Facebook page like count drop on March 12?

    If you are the owner of a Facebook Page, you might have noticed a new message displayed in the insights page stating, that they have "recently updated the way we measure how many people like" the Page. It also warns that the Pages may see a decrease in the likes count after March 12 after Facebook removes likes originating from inactive Facebook accounts.

    facebook page likes number to decrease

    Facebook has explained the motive behind the the changes in this News statement in Facebook for business.

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  • Facebook or Twitter, which one is better?

    One of our readers asked which of the most popular social networking tools – Facebook or Twitter is better.

    facebook vs twitter


    Social networking is more about people than the platform. It is like the coffee shop you like to visit everyday and meet you buddies and chat about the things. In the beginning, you might want to choose the shop that serves the best coffee, but later it is more about your friends until the coffee really sucks. In case the coffee really sucks, you and your friends team up to find another coffee shop.

    There are various Social Networking websites and Twitter and Facebook are the most popular ones. If you have a circle of friends who prefers to use another networking sites like linkdn, you are better off using that tool. If you need to choose between Twitter and Facebook – I would suggest you to use both of them for a while and decide which one you would like to use in longer term. Read the rest of this entry »

  • Facebook Down!, Tells you to ‘Go Back’ to work.

    UPDATE: The downtime lasted for half-an-hour. This was the worst downtime in Facebook history for the last 5 years.

    The Facebook users haven’t been able to log in the social networking site for some time. It appears to be down for the users all over the world. The Facebook website displays a message:

    "Sorry, something went wrong. We are working on getting this fixed as soon as we can."

    facebook offline

    Although it has a ‘Go Back’ button below the error message,  it doesn’t take you anywhere. Facebook problem is not limited to browser version but, to the Facebook app in iOS and Android.

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  • How to pin a post to keep it always on top in a Facebook page?

    In a Facebook Page, by default, the new posts are kept on top of the old ones. As a new post is posted, the previous post is pushed down. Sometimes, we might want to keep a post on top of all others. In such case, pinning the post to the top might be helpful.

    The 3-step procedure to keep a post pinned on top in a Facebook page is as follows:

    1. Write and post the post 

    facebook pinning 1

    2. After posting, move mouse cursor to the right hand  until you see a dim downward facing arrow as shown below. Click on the arrow.

    facebook post pin right top arrow

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  • Facebook press event to held on April 4, is it FB smartphone ?

    Facebook has invited reporters in a press event on April 4 to be held in its Menlo Park, California office.

    facebook - press event invitation card april 4

    With a message "Come See Our New Home on Android" in its invitation card, speculation of Facebook developing it’s own smartphone based on Android operating system.

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  • SMS celebrates 20th birthday

    neil_papeworth_first_smsOn December 3, 1992 an UK engineer, Neil Papworth, sent the first short message service (SMS) with the message "Merry Christmas." Now it has been 20 years of text messaging. Although it was Papworth who sent the first message, text messaging was an idea proposed by a Nokia engineer Matti Makkonen in1984.

    The first message was sent from a computer. At that time, messages could only be received on phones but can’t be sent from phone or replied. It took quite some time for SMS to actually been adopted by larger mass. In 2007 28.9 billion text messages were sent in a month in the US. The amount in June this year is 184.3 billion according to CTIA mobile trade group.

    Before mobile phones were smart enough to send emails and instant messages, SMS was the only means of text communication. But, with the increase in the popularity of smartphones less people are using SMS for communication. Popularity of Facebook chat, Twitter, iMessage, BBM, Google Talk, Skype and similar services. Twitter says that it was inspired by SMS and like SMSs 160 character limit, Twitter limits it’s posts to be a maximum of 140-character long. And, it’s truly mobile as some 60 percent of Twitter users access the service through mobile phone.

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  • A billion Facebook users and the first brand video

    Facebook on Thursday reached the billionth mark on it’s member count.

    To mark the achievement in members, Facebook released a 90-second promotional video clip by a Mexican director, Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu. Inarritu is an Oscar-nominated director for his Spanish-language film "Amores perros". The video compares Facebook to chairs for people to sit together, bridges, airplanes and doorbells.

    facebook_chair video

    Talking about the 1bn milestone and the video release, Facebook co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg said, "For the first time in our history, we’ve made a brand video to express what our place is on this Earth."

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  • How to Suspend or Delete Twitter Account ?

    twitter_setting_imageTwitter allows you to delete your Twitter account and it is easy (and reversible within 1 months too).

    You are allowed to have more than one accounts although they need different email addresses. There are some third-party tool supporting log-in through multiple Twitter accounts at the same time (Example – TweetDeck)

    Step-by-step Deleting (or suspending for at most 30 days)

    1. Sign in to the Twitter account.
    2. Click Settings. 
    3. Click on the Account tab in the Settings page.
    4. Near the bottom of the page, click the "Deactivate my account" link.
    5. In the "Is this goodbye?" page confirm by clicking on "Deactive @yourname" button to delete your Twitter account.

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  • Changing and resetting Twitter password

    If you KNOW the current password

    Changing Twitter password

    1. Sign in to your Twitter account.
    2. Click Settings. Click on second last icon, a head, on the Twitter’s black bar to open the menu containing ‘Settings’.
    3. Click the Password tab, on the left.
    4. In the Current Password text box, type your existing Twitter password.
    5. Type a new password in New Password and Verify New Password text boxes.
    6. Click Change. Your account is updated with the new password.


    If you DON’T KNOW the current password

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  • How to delete a Facebook message and unarchive archived message?

    One of our readers had asked how one can delete a Facebook message.

    Q. I had sent a hate message in Facebook to a girl last year. When I tried deleting it, I can only found "Archive" option and clicked on it. Now, I wonder if the message is deleted or not. Is "archive" same as "delete" in Facebook? (S.S.)

    A. No, archiving a message doesn’t delete it. It is saved and you can always get it back. You can archive a message easily but it is not same as deleting and archived message is always there in your profile. Let me first talk about how to archiving and unarchive a message.

    Archiving Facebook Message

    In the message-list window you can see a ‘x’ at the end of each message. If you click on it, the message is removed from the message-list. But, it is not deleted, so you can get it back if you like. To ‘unarchive’ the archived message click on eyeglass icon beside "Search Message". As shown in figure below:


    When you click on the icon, it expands to show you a menu as shown in figure below. Click on "Archived Message" to see all the messages you had archived before. You can read them or unarchive to bring back to the message-list.

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