Camera on New iPod Nano doesn’t take photos. Why?

steve_jobs_ipod_nano It was surprising that that the iPod Nano got a new video camera while the iPod Touch did not. Many people assumed that the camera equipped device could take still photos along with videos. After all, a sequence of still photos make video clips.

But, the mighty Apple doesn’t think so!

The Nano can take video but taking still photos is not its cup of cake. David Pogue of the NY Times asked Steve Jobs about it. Here is what he has to say:

The sensors for doing video are fairly thin. The sensors for doing a still camera, at much higher pixel resolution — and we’d really like to have autofocus — they are just way too thick to ever fit inside the Nano.

Are you working on making them thinner? Why wasn’t the iPod Touch thick enough?


One thought on “Camera on New iPod Nano doesn’t take photos. Why?

  1. “and we’d really like to have autofocus”

    Excuses, excuses…

    Why didn’t he think auto focus was essential when the first iPhone 3G came out…??? Don’t tell me, autofocus is leading edge technology which was only available this year…

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