Building the first iPhone App

rss_reader_iphone.jpgThese days I am learning programming iPhone apps. I don’t have much free time so I am making a simple RSS reader for the xnepali blog. The screen-shot on the right is the RSS feed list of the blog. Clicking (touching) the heading will open the blog post.

The application does its job but it is not a complete application. I am not so good in designing the interface so I might need to find somebody who can design the logo and stuffs.

With little more effort the application can be complete. I am however debating on whether I should spend $99 to get an account to publish it in the App Store. Nobody will be interested in buying it for sure. I am not sure how many people will really be interested in downloading it even if it is a free application.

I will be spending my free time in the future working on more projects. I hope one day I will be able to earn the amount I spend to get the developer account. That day I will have at least a few apps ready to hit the market.


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