BlackBerry to launch BlackPad ?

blackpad Looks like, more ‘Pads’ are coming in the tablet market.

It does make sense, with the success of iPad, computer and smartphone manufacturers might be looking to explore the ultra-portable computing market.

Canadian corporate handset maker Research In Motion (RIM), better known for their BlackBerry range of handsets is also contemplating bringing out such a device and it may happen as soon as by 2012.

The tablet is reported to be thinner and a bit smaller than iPad.

codenamed "BlackPad", or "Cobalt", depending on which source to trust, this tablet would be thinner and smaller than the iPad and will run the BlackBerry OS modified for the device to take advantage of its unique features. It is rumored to include an 8.9-inch touchscreen display. The device is rumored to get launched in WES 2011, so if you liked the iPad concept, but still love the BlackBerry, then you better hold on to your cash, until some concrete evidence comes forth real soon.

Hewlett Packard is also in the works with their new pad but by far it is the Blackberry version that has everyone in the technology industry abuzz.

It was Blackberry leaks that that came up with the information yesterday. It is to be seen how the consumer will perceive the RIM’s turning itself into a "Me Too" company.


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