Bing and Twitter search deal renewed, Google not interested

The two year search deal between Microsoft’s Bing and Twitter was renewed for the next two years. Google had similar search deal with Twitter for the last two year, that ended on July 2. But, Google decided (or was it Twitter?) not to renew it again leaving Bing the sole search service provider of Twitter.

Looking into the reasons behind Google’s unwillingness to renew the agreement AllThingsD noted that the Google-Twitter relationship ha became tense with the Google’s launch of its Twitter competitor social network, Google+. Google is trying to capture the social network crowd with it’s all-in-one social platform Google plus.


Microsoft and Google had been the major sources of revenue for the micro-blogging platform.

With this deal, Bing has preferred access to the leading social engines – Twitter and Facebook. Now, Google’s only access to the most popular social networks is indirect supply of publicly available data.


Popularity of social networks has also prompted Microsoft to start it’s own social engine. Although it already owns 1.3 percent of Facebook, in July Microsoft temporarily unveiled it’s social engine, Tulalip, and took it back immediately.


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