Barnes & Noble announced Nook Color

nook-in-color Barnes and Noble had always wanted it’s book reader to be colorful. The e-ink technology in its original device couldn’t display color. That was the reason they added an additional color display – a tiny one at the bottom.

Barnes & Noble’s Nook Color, announced today, will go on sale in the US on Nov. 19 at a price of $250. The 7-inch Android tablet PC will run videos and apps, with an options of reading books, magazines and newspapers.

The LG LCD touchscreen can display 1024×600 full-color, is covered with a glare-free laminated coating for comfortable reading.

The half inch device is under a pound in weight and featuring 8 GB of internal memory and a microSD slot for additional storage. B&N claims the battery life of 8 hours on the Wi-Fi enabled device.

More than 100 color newspapers and magazines in a light enough device sounds exciting! The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Rolling Stone are some of the magazines to look forward to in the Nook Color.

Apart from feeling the competitive heat, Apple has something to feel good about – Nook doesn’t support Flash. Looks like Flash is going to be the thing of past soon!


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